Something I said I would NEVER do

You've heard the term "Never say Never", right?? I've always said I would never own a small business, being the daughter of parents that both owned small businesses all my life. I saw the struggle first hand, the long hours, the missed family time, the worries and woes of the day. Sure, there must've been an upside because why would my parents do this, if there wasn't. Well, I can dispel any myths you have about a small business owner, we are not wealthy, we pay our bills and staff before we pay ourselves, often times not taking a pay check, apparently we enjoy working because when you own a business it's basically like a child (your always taking care of it). I guess the long term payout are your own boss and you have no one else to blame if you fail.

Guess what, here we are and I own a small business....Ha! That's funny! I guess the jokes on me! Why am I doing what I'm doing??? Well, it's certainly not for the paycheck, as I haven't drawn one since the inception of my business in 2014, but...Hey! I'm getting there, this will be my 5th year and that should be when we turn the corner and I still will probably put it all of it back in the business to continually make it better. I do what do, because it's my passion...loving to create with children and adults and loving to create myself. I just know I wouldn't be happy making widgets and gidgets at a 9 to 5 job. I'm so thankful for my husband and his support even though he may think I'm crazy (he's probably right) most of the time for what I do. But what is life if your not happy!

So, this week I entered a FedEx contest, that would give the winner a small business a grant. Do I think I'll win? No! But, just like anything, you can't win if you don't try. So, the question were if you had $50,000 what would you do....oh my gosh!!!! Can you imagine???? I share a bathroom with my gym buddies next door CrossFit Fidei and it would be nice if the bathroom was more centrally located. I've added a couple of pottery wheels this winter and I would like to add two more (so 4 total) and I need to figure out the water/drain clay trap thing.... I've added fused glass but my kiln is very small so I would like to invest in a larger glass kiln. I'm also seeing I'm growing out of my space and need to reconfigure, it would be nice to add a small addition to the back with lots of windows for natural light (artist love natural light).

You see it's good to dream and at the end of the day I'm really proud of myself. I was a very shy person and not out going and literally one day I went to the courthouse and filed my DBA, set myself up with the State of Michigan and made my dream and full fledged business. I didn't know if I would be successful and sometimes its questionable but I go to bed every night knowing I'm doing just what I'm supposed to do; following my heart and living my dream.

If you would like to vote for the Heart-full Art Studio, LLC thru the FedEX Small Business Grant, please do so!!! Vote Here. (you can vote once every 24hrs)

I also want to take a moment and Thank YOU!!! for reading this blog, creating at my studio, supporting me on social media. I'm so appreciate of all those that I've worked with over the past 5 years and hope to continue to work with more of you in person or via the internet. Thank YOU!!!

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