What do you do (or don't you do)?

I often get asked what do I do at the Heart-full Art Studio? That can be a pretty long list and sometimes hard to define....we offer a place to paint pottery, create wood signs, do canvas paintings including newly added pet portraits, create with fused glass, hand building with raw clay (and soon pottery wheels), mosaic creations, acrylic pours, painting on wood cutouts and children's art lessons. BUT, I am not limited to these, I have offered furniture painting, fairy camps, custom made pieces of art....basically if it is not in my list above....ask me? I might be able to help you create it. What I can tell you for sure, I do not sew!

I leave sewing to my Mom, she has tried to teach me. But, I'm just not interested. Funny thing is, I can run a table saw and chop saw (that could literally cut your arm off) but I'm sorta scared of a sew machine. Crazy right! The needle moving at a high rate of speed just scares me!

Most of the projects done in the studio are done by my clients with some help from me, if needed. For example, when I first opened my studio, I had a client (and now a good friend) come to me and ask if I could help her paint some furniture. Originally, she was just wanting to paint the furniture a color to match some pillows. But, after talking with her, we decided to see if I could make a stencil to match the pattern that was on the pillows. After a few attempts I was able to come up with something that would work, she then returned to the studio and painted the stools, using the stencil and choosing colors of paint that would match.

The project above is more intense and took several visits to the studio to create. Most of my clients work with me via email or text message and are able to let me know what they would like on a wood sign example and then come into to create the project in one 2 hour visit.

Occasionally, I will create something for someone upon request, this is dependent on if my schedule allows and if it's something I can do (there are some things I'm just not equipped to handle). Here was piece I created for a local organizations auction. (This was done in 2017 just before the acrylic pouring took off.)

What I love most about my studio is everyday is different! Today, I have a few pieces I'm working on for clients and art lessons this afternoon with children. If your ever in the mood to create stop on in the studio or send me a note I maybe able to help you tap into your creativity.

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