Something to believe in....

Everyone should have something to believe in, I was raised Catholic but never really resonated with the religion. As soon as my parents would allow me I discontinued my practice of attending church. It's not that I didn't believe what the church or the bible had to say, I just didn't feel compelled to attend church or follow the scripture. For many years I thought there was something wrong with me, mostly because those in my family or friends did the whole church thing or read the bible and felt it was that way or no way. Does this make me a bad person? I struggled with that question for years.

At some point I set my thoughts aside on this subject and moved on with my life. I eventually got married (non-traditional wedding on the beach in Hawaii), had children and then began my search again....what do I believ_e in? I explored many religions and many practices. Eventually, I discovered what I was looking for, was all right inside of me. I was lucky enough to find a spiritual teacher, mentor and now good friend Denise Iwaniw-Francisco, she has helped me develop my spiritual gifts and has helped me find the self confidence in myself to do the things I do now. answer the question what do I believe in....I BELIEVE in myself and know no one, not even The Creator is going to make me successful. But with the help of The Creator, those in the unseen realms, friends, family and even enemies I will be successful. As my spiritual gifts open up more and more my world becomes more wondrous everyday.

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