The BEST 2nd Grade teacher I never had...

"Life is a journey, not a destination" ~Ralph Waldo Emerson

Life is a journey and many times through life we come full circle. I myself find this AMAZING....when I can sit back and look at all the parts and pieces that led up to something or an event. I think many of you know that my passion for art was reawakened about 4-5 years ago. I always loved art as child, my Mom owned a craft store and I took some private art lesson with a local artist. But when I entered high school I became very self conscious of any of my artwork. I'm not sure what happened, I just quit drawing.

When Laney entered Mrs. Kings' second grade class, I had discovered that the art program had been cut from the elementary school curriculum. My son Logan had had Mrs. King the previous year, so I was comfortable with her and thought I would ask her if she would be interested in me "helping" her with art lessons. She said something like Sure, that would be great! I really meant HELPING her, well after we discussed the first lesson, I showed up for Art Day. Mrs. King said, go ahead and explain the lesson and we'll go from there. I was a little dumb founded this was not what I had planned.....I was here to help her!!!! Oh, boy....

I think I should give you a little background on me and my personality. I was and still can be at times a terribly shy individual. I attribute it to being born blind in my left eye, so therefore the eye itself is physically smaller and I would often look cross-eyed. I later had corrective surgery for this. Not only was I blind in one eye, the other eye had a very strong prescription and if you know anything about the 70's, glasses were not very fashionable or attractive then. I can't tell you the number of times I was called four-eyes, four-eyed freak or even cross-eyed freak....face it I was just a FREAK! Now, I don't mind being a freak, there is no one else like me and I'm happy to be that way!!!!

Anyway, as a 35 year old adult to talk in front of children was still painful for me to do but I thought I would give it a try, what's the worst thing that could happen? And it went very well, so I continued doing art with the 2nd grade class, then 3rd grade, then 4th and eventually the whole school but again that is another story.

Mrs. Karen King helped changed my life.....I'm sure she thought when she started her career as an elementary school teacher, she would be teaching children. Well, she has been become one of my greatest elementary teachers, I never had. Always cheering me on, being a friend to lean on, offering a listening ear, a person to share my dreams with, a sister.....if that day in her classroom had went any other way I wouldn't have had the most WONDERFUL day today. Today, I hosted her second grade class at my art studio!!! I feel like part of my life has come full circle. My passion to share my love of art, creativity, craft, and expression has grown and blossomed into something I could've never imagined all on my own. So thank you Mrs. King! Your the BEST second grade teacher, I never had!!!

Monet and I stopped in to visit Mrs. Kings' class one afternoon.