Making a wood sign a statement piece

It's no secret among my close friends that I absolutely love trees. I try to spend everyday in the woods, I have been this way since I was a child. I love to walk among the trees and listen to the wind blow through them. It's my place where I find no worries, no drama, no's my heaven on earth.

Recently I was asked by a customer if I would donate something to their church gala, I had no reservations and said "sure". What I wasn't sure of, was what would I donate...they weren't specific. I starting thinking of what I could donate that not only represents my business but also me. After deciding on a wood sign, I sat with it and connected with the wood. What was the story this sign was going to tell? I immediately was drawn to the thought of a tree. I have no reservations about painting or drawing a tree so I went to work.

I could've painting this with acrylic paint but thought I would like to try chalk paint. I chose to use "Black Bean" Heirloom Traditions Chalk Type Paint (personally I love this company's paint, it's so smooth and no smell). Here is a link if your interested , not only do they have great paint, they also have a line of waxes and gel stains and other products. After I got the tree outline I wasn't sure what I was going to add to it.

I started adding "leaves" again using Heirloom Traditions paint. After I had gotten enough of the leaves on and liked it, I felt it needed something else. I sat with it for quite sometime and just kept looking at it. The word "Love" just flowed through me.......I messaged a few friends asking them their opinions on scripture to be added to it. I finally decided on a piece from 1 Corinthians 13:13 - ...But the greatest of these is Love. I use a silhouette cameo to make a one time use stencil for the words.

Again using the Heirloom Traditions paint, I knew I wanted the word "love" to stand out, I chose "charlotte's red" for this. I think it turned out perfect and absolutely love the end result. Also, it did very well at the church gala too!

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