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Pet Portraits

Have you ever wanted to paint your pet or pets?  

First submit a high quality "clear" digital picture of your pet. (Clear picture meaning not blurring and least amount of background images.)  
Your pet in the main focus of this statement piece of art, so I do suggest you don't paint a background color, but if you want to paint your pet in colorful unrealistic colors that is certainly an option!
It is your painting!
After you have sent me the picture, I will transfer the image to the canvas and we will set up an appt for you to come paint!
Plan for 3 hours for the painting, some people take less and some people use the entire time. Your more than welcome to bring food and drink into the studio.
Pet Portraits are available on a
Large 18"x18"or 20"x20" Canvas  $40+tax
(if choosing this size it will be done on which size is in stock)
xtra-Large 24"x24" Canvas $55+tax*
*Due to the custom nature of this piece this is a prepay Item.

Pay your $20 deposit*,

send my a digital photo of your pet to heartfullartstudio@gmail.Com

and we schedule a time for you to  come in and paint your fur baby!

*Deposit is NonRefundable/Nontransferable as this pays for the time and materials to ready your canvas to paint.