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Children's Art Lessons

During the school year I will be offering a quality art lesson after school, (some lessons I do obtain from Deep Space Sparkle and other sites and still other lessons are those I've made up myself). Lessons are available for drop in, lessons are only on Wednesday (due to low attendance Tuesday art lesson will no longer be offered). I will be offering a variation in lessons to accommodate different ages. In the time allowed we will do one lesson and if the child finishes early they will be given a piece of paper for free drawing. The picture posted above is the lesson for that week.


Each lesson is $12. You can pay in person when you drop your child off (please fill out a waiver). Or you can pay on-line. 

March Art Lessons

Duck Painting

We will visit the work of impressionist Mary Cassatt and create a duck painting.  We will also learn about texture, value and movement, in our painting. 

Wednesday - March 4th 3:45-5:15   $12.00

Watering Can Watercolor

We will continue on our impressionist theme, with visiting the works of Renoir.  Using watercolor we will create a watering can painting, learning about form and value. 

Wednesday, March 11th 3:45-5:15   $12.00

Radial Tessellation

We will learn what a tessellation is then we will create our own pattern and add color to it.  We will also look at some of the works of art by M.C Escher's and his tessellations.

Wednesday, March 25th 3:45-5:15   $12.00

George Rodrigue Blue Dog

We will learn about the life of artist George Rodrigue and the painting the Blue Dog. We will then create our own Blue Dog using Oil and Chalk Pastels. 

Wednesday, March 18th 3:45-5:15  $12.00

*this is a drop off class, so parents are not required to stay. I will need an information form filled out at the first class, in case of emergency. If you miss the first or second class of the month I'm happy to send you a prorated invoice, if your child would like to start mid-month.

I started my business only doing children's art classes/activities; it began  after sharing my love art with the children of Brookside for 3 years (on a volunteer basis).  That was 8 years ago!!! I still continue to bring art to Mrs. Kings' 2nd Grade but wanted to bring the children's art /activities back into my studio on a more full time basis. This year we will be doing several different activities in the after school art.

I have almost 8 years of classroom experience in providing a creative environment for children and adults to find their own creative outlet.