Michigan Lanterns

Michigan lanterns are made from laser cut 1/8" plywood. Being that they are made of wood it is advisable to only use battery operated lights in them and not an open flame. 

4"x4" square open box Unfinished Michigan Lantern*   $15.00+tax   

                                  *when ordering please advise where the heart should be placed

4"x4" square open box Finished Michigan Lantern* with string of white fairy lights   $20.00+tax


*when ordering please advise heart placement and color of finished lantern. Available paint colors are white, black, navy blue and silver. 

Finished BR Cardinal Head

Approx 16" finished BR Cardinal Head

in the traditional colors; red, blue and yellow. The cutout is made from 5mm plywood with the B and R, beak and parts of the head in a second layer of 5mm plywood, creating a 3d look sign. This is finished sign ready to hang up.   $30.00+tax

Abstract Michigan Painting

Abstract acrylic painting cut into the shape of Michigan, framed in a 12" square frame. One available with these colors. 

$45.00 +tax